Understanding Flaked Fish Food – What Is Flake Fish Food Made Of

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What are fish eat will determine how happy they are as well as how well they will grow. A good comparison for deciding what to feed your fish should be what you are deciding to eat. Do you wanna eat just junk food or would you like some meaty goodness or vegetables if you are into that sort of thing.

Flaked Fish Food is made of fish meal, wheat flour, soy and paprika oils, and food colorant. Food colorant is added because some fish are attracted to certain colors.

Advantages Of Flaked Fish Food

  1. When fish were beginning to be pets, owners use to have to feed them live foods that weren’t always accessible like they are now.
  2. Flaked foods contain essential nutrients that your fish need in order to live so it’s important to feed your fish a mix of proteins and fish food flakes to keep a balanced diet.
  3. Flaked Fish Food breaks down in your aquarium pretty well and is easily picked up by scavenger fish you have in your tank as well as shrimp you may have as well.
  4. Fish Food is made in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every fish no matter the size.

DIY- Homemade Flaked Fish Food

If you would like to make some DIY fish food then this is where to learn to make some basic Flaked Fish Food. The process is a little intuitive but let’s get started.

Ingredients That You Will Need

  1. Algae – Its Best To Include Some With Snails And Critters
  2. Add A Slice Of A Different Raw Fish Than The Fish You Are Feeding
  3. Shaved Carrot Peels
  4. Soft Parts Of Lettuce
  5. Leaf of Pothos
  6. Filamentous Algae
  7. Spoonful Of Potatoe Starch
  8. Water From Your Aquarium Or Another Aquarium

Steps To Make DIY Flaked Fish Food

Take all your ingredients and add them to a blender. Be sure to blend them thoroughly to a very loose texture.

Add your blended concoction to a cooking sheet fitted with aluminum foil. Be sure the mixture of your spread is level.

Preheat your oven to 170 degrees and dry the mixture for 3 to 5 hours until you can break the mixture up into fish food flakes. But be sure to check the mixture every hour to avoid overheating.

Once the product is ready you can break it up into Flaked Fish Food consistency and add them to a dispensary jar with a grinder.

Then, that’s it! Give yourself a pat on the back because you did it! Your fish will definitely thank you.

Where Can You Purchase Flaked Fish Food

There are many different places you can purchase fish food. You can purchase it online at Amazon, eBay, and locally at a pet shop, or Petsmart.

There are many different types of Flaked Fish Food to choose from with a variety of different benefits.

Can Flaked Fish Food Go Bad

Yes, Flaked Fish Food can go bad just like every other food. Flaked Fish Food can start losing important nutrients for your fish in roughly a month so I can imagine what a year-old Flaked Fish Food jar would mean to the fish.

You shouldn’t feed just Flaked Fish Food to your aquarium fish anyway. Protein is essential for them as well so brine shrimp would be perfect for them, Red Midge Fly Larvae would be good for them, and some good small red wigglers would be ideal.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Flaked Fish Food

Fish food doesn’t normally carry a shelf life expiration date but to be safe you should change out the Flaked Fish Food Every month.

After a month your Flaked Fish Food will lose its nutritional factors for your fish so only buy what you think your fish will consume in a few weeks.

Nutrition, vitamins, and supplements are very big contributors to your fish not getting a disease. Diseases can inflict your fish through a variety of different factors however it’s best to make sure they aren’t stressed, have good tank mates, and are eating good nutrition similar to what they would eat in the wild or better.

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