The Amazon Frogbit Complete Care Guide.

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In this blog post – the Amazon Frogbit Complete Care Guide – we will talk about everything you need to care for your Frogbit, answer questions you may have about your Amazon Frogbit and many more things you will need to keep your Amazon Frogbit Happy, and managed for your Fish, Shrimp, or aquascape.

What is Amazon Frogbit?

Amazon Frogbit is a very easy-to-care-for plant that is used in aquariums and ponds alike. The Amazon Frogbit is native to Central and South America but has been reported to have spread to North America and has even spread throughout California

. The Amazon Frogbit is a favorite plant used in many aquariums and aquascapes.

The Amazon Frogbit is a floating aquatic sponge plant that originates from freshwater. They absolutely adore light so if you use simple lights that come with your aquarium then you are going to have a rough time keeping them alive.

Is Amazon Frogbit Good For Aquariums?

Yes, the Amazon Frogbit is good for aquariums but requires a bit of care.

They tend to have their roots break off during water changes, and can stick to your hands and arms during water changes. This can be easily managed though with a little ingenuity. If you would like to skip down to the section that talks about Frogbit Care then you can do that here.

Is Amazon Frogbit Good For Ponds?

Yes, the Amazon Frogbit is a good plant for ponds in fact they are very popular in ponds.

However, although they are easy to care for they can grow very quickly and if they are left unchecked they will cover the entire surface very fast and become hazardous.

Is Amazon Frogbit Invasive?

Yes, the Amazon Frogbit is invasive. Here

We discussed before that the Amazon Frogbit has spread its way to America and to California. The Amazon Frogbit spread by being brought across the country and disposed of periodically perhaps by owners that flushed them down the drain or simply releasing them in ponds, lakes, streams.

If the Amazon Frogbit is left unattended to it can destroy many ecosystems which is why the CDFA is involved.

Is Amazon Frogbit Beginner Friendly?

Yes, but only if the beginner has this article for information and they apply the knowledge.

The Amazon Frogbit is used in many beginner tanks however is this a good thing? Well, it solely depends on the individual. If the aquarium owner isn’t very good at managing his tank them I suppose no plant or fish would be well taken care of.

These Amazon frogbits can wreak havoc on the aquarium but typically they will do no harm because most of us care for our tanks well enough with frequent water changes and regular tank maintenance. You will be able to stop the Amazon Frogbit before it gets out of hand.

Is Amazon Frogbit Hardy?

The Amazon Frogbit is a very hardy plant. They are amazing plants for experts and beginners alike.

They can grow in very crazy water conditions and are even easy to produce.

Despite being beautiful and adding color to most dark places they have disadvantages as well as advantages. Even, so they are amazing additions to your tank.

Amazon Frogbit is known to survive being flushed down your toilet and even in the crappiest waterways so hardy doesn’t even begin to cut it. You only need a couple of good leaves and stems to outgrow a pond/aquarium in due time.

Is Amazon Frogbit A Good Oxygenator?

Being as Amazon Frogbit is a floater plant, you will have more oxygenation in your bedroom. That doesn’t mean it won’t oxygenate your tank just not as much as most plants would that are submerged.

Amazon Frogbit is best used well to remove nitrogen from your water. So, to remove harmful chemicals and improve your water quality then these guys are perfect.

If you wanna look into some good oxygenation plants check out this article.

How Fast Does Amazon Frogbit Grow?

Amazon Frogbit can grow up to 20 inches per plant. Amazon Frogbit being as it is an invasive species will not take long to grow.

Within a good month, your whole tank will be covered with them but the good news is that then can be easily managed.

Their beauty, better water quality, and cover for shrimp, and baby fry makes them worth keeping.

Amazon Frogbit Care

Amazon Frogbit is the type of plant that if not properly cared for it will have leaf loss, dead roots, and overrun your tank.

Even though they can get out of control the good thing is that the leaves and roots get long which is a good thing because they are far more easily to remove than duckweed.

If you do not remove the Amazon Frogbit as you need then when they overrun your top of the aquarium the fish will not be able to breathe. The water with little movement will also have a layer of biofilm, not fun.

Tips to maintain the health and wellbeing of your Amazon Frogbit and tank mates.

  1. Good lighting is a key factor to keeping almost any plant alive well at least some sort of lighting whether that is a ton of light or hardly any at all. Good lighting will make it so your leaves do not shrivel and turn brown. The added light will also help the Amazon Frogbit grow.
  2. Good nutrients from fish and liquid fertilizers are great for Amazon Frogbit. What life doesn’t need nutrients? We do, animals do, fish do, and plants are no exception.
  3. These plants love slow-moving water due to the less probability of losing their stems.

How To Maintain The Spread Of Amazon Frogbit

The best way I have heard of maintaining the frogbit and your sanity with doing water changes is by taking an airline tube and using some hot glue to make a circle to contain the Amazon Frogbit. You will also need an airline tube with a suction cup to hold the Amazon Frogbit in place while you are not doing water changes. Using this method will make life easier for you.

How Do You Sanitize Amazon Frogbit

You can sterilize your plants using many different chemicals such as bleach for hardier plants, potassium pomegranate for a more gentle way.

Be sure to quarantine them before adding them to your tank that way if the plants do carry disease it will not infect your fish.

The ratio is 1 cup bleach: 19 parts water.

Steps To Sanitize Amazon Frogbit

In these steps, we will be using potassium potagemate. Be sure to use gloves because it can stain your skin and clothes. Be sure to avoid ingestion (of course) and avoid your eyes. You should also know that the chemical can also stain your tub and sink.

  1. The ratio is 4ppm per liter of water. But, you can also eyeball it. You will know it’s the right amount when the color is a pink/purple color.
  2. Add your Amazon Frogbit and your potassium potagemate.
  3. After you sanitize wait a good 30 minutes before dumping and rinsing
  4. Add a water conditioner to neutralize the PP so it will not damage your aquarium.
  5. Let the water conditioner soak with your Amazon Frogbit for a good 5 minutes and with one last good rince you should be good to go.

What Diseases Can Amazon Frogbit Get?

The Amazon Frogbit has a very low chance of suffering from parasites, algae, or diseases so with the Amazon Frogbit you do not have much to worry about disease-wise.

However, this plant will not grow well with snails, or aggressive fish so do the plant justice and save it the hassle. Other than that this plant will survive many conditions.

How Does Amazon Frogbit Reproduce?

In the wild Amazon Frogbit will procreate by budding flowers however in your tank it’s very different. Your Amazon Frogbit will grow an extension to a baby Amazon Frogbit.

When this happens and the baby is successfully grown to adult then the stem connecting the two will fall off naturally.

How To Add Amazon Frogbit To Your Aquarium

  • We discussed previously, sanitizing your Amazon Frogbit so be sure to do that first.
  • Next, be sure to put in the airline tubing we talked about previously.
  • Once you have done that remove the stems like this man in the video above. The stems are long and annoying first of all but more importantly, the Amazon Frogbit would make their stems fall off to be able to have stems that would be more sufficient to your water parameters.

Amazon Frogbit Price

On eBay, you can easily buy 40 Amazon Frogbit and get 1 for free which is roughly $1.50 per Amazon Frogbit.

It doesn’t matter too much where you purchase the Amazon Frogbit as long as you sterilize the plant properly before placing them into your aquarium to prevent disease spread.

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