Is Frogbit An Oxygenator?

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The aquarium plant frogbit is amazing for your aquarium in many different ways. In this article we will learn more about is frogbit is an oxygenator, floating plants like frogbit, uses of frogbit.

Is frogbit an oxygenator, Yes. Frogbit however is a floating plant so if you intend to make it a main oxygenator read more to learn better ways to oxygenate your aquarium and what Frogbit is useful for.

The best oxygenators can be found submerged in the aquarium. If the plant is floating it can actually better the water quality of your aquarium more than the oxygen content. However, it does still provide some oxygenation you will just have to add more oxygen-rich plants.

Why Do Aquarium Plants Give Off Oxygen?

Aquarium plants intake CO2 and produce oxygen when they are exposed to light.

But, when the aquarium is dark then the plant will intake oxygen. If the aquarium is turned off for too long the fish can be affected by the change in oxygen.

Better Oxygenator Plants Than Frogbit.

There are many good oxygenators better than Frogbit but we are going to outline the 5 best that we picked to discuss. The 5 that we picked are as listed below.

  1. Green Cabomba
  2. Anacharis
  3. Red Ludwigia
  4. Hornwort
  5. Eelgrass (Vallisneria)

Green Cabomba

Benefits To Having Green Cabomba

  1. The Green Cabomba is very flexible to grow plant. It doesn’t require too much attention to take care of and most fish won’t eat it.
  2. The Green Cabomba is a good addition to catch fish eggs from scattering fish. The Green Cabomba also provides good protection for small fry to hide.
  3. The Green Cabomba grows very quickly so in the right parameters these guys can grow quickly.
  4. The Green Cabomba is massive protection for fish outdoors and indoors so they will appreciate their addition. Because of this, they can be lead to very beautiful backgrounds.
  5. The Green Cabomba is a good water purifier so having them will keep down sickness.

Are Green Cabomba Good For Beginners

The care of Green Cabomba is tricky but they can be good for beginners. I would recommend that beginners avoid this plant but if you would like to try it then do it. Sometimes though even the most experienced hobbyist can have a tough time handling the Green Cabomba. The Green Cabomba can be invasive so it’s best to avoid the plant despite the benefits.


Anacharis is a floating plant that grows extremely fast like the Green Cabomba. But they can grow faster when they are rooted.

These plants can change by the day which is interesting to watch.

We recommend rooting the Anacharis instead of using them as a floater for maximum oxygenation.

Benefits To Anacharis

  1. They are a versatile plant to take out algae, and not wanted chemicals.
  2. Propagation can be obtained by separating parts at the stem.
  3. They are perfect for breeding tanks.
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Is Anacharis Beginner Friendly?

Yes, but like every plant, it will still need maintenance because it can be invasive.

How Much Does Anacharis Cost?

Per Plant you are looking in the price range of $7 – $14.

Red Ludwigia

Red Ludwigia is a perfect centerpiece for your aquascape. The Red Ludwigia is a Red Color (Obviously) so this means you will have to have a more iron-rich substrate. Being as they are a plant that requires soil you cannot have them with your Axolotl.

Red Ludwigia (Polistris) would be perfect with a Flourite substrate. You will also have to consider adding a liquid-rich iron fertilizer.

Red Ludwigia will grow at a steady rate with low lighting but be aware that algae can overtake your tank.

Red Ludwigia grows towards the light similar to vegetables in our garden toward the sun.

How much does Red Ludwigia Cost?

The cost of Red Ludwigia varies from $7 to even $20.


Hornwort is a very hardy plant with the ability to handle hard alkaline waters. Hornwort is often nicknamed the coon tail. Hornwort is best to be a floater rather than a rooted plant.

Is Hornwort Beginner Friendly?

Yes, Hornwort is a good beginner plant. They are perfect for water quality, for fry to hide, and are beautiful if you enjoy lush green color in your aquariums.

What is the cost of Hornwort?

The price of Hornwort is $5 to $10 at most aquarium stores. The price range isn’t too bad considering you could be paying $20 for some pets and even some tankmates.


Eelgrass looks just like underwater grass. They are perfect for both indoor ponds, and indoor aquariums.

The Eelgrass can help our carbon footprint as well which is extraordinary in itself. The Eelgrass in our aquariums is perfect to maintain water quality and to help remove algae.

Vallisneria – Common Eelgrass

Vallisneria is a very long aquarium plant that is very similar to grass except it is very hardy and thicker. They propagate by chuting.

The Vallisneria is a rooted plant that needs a nutrient rich substrate.

The Vallisneria doesn’t need additional CO2 but it does need heavy lighting.

Vallisneria needs to be clipped as they grow because they can get very big. Not all Vallisneria is perfect for aquariums due to the size. As you clip the top they will not overgrow your aquarium just be sure you are clipping the top otherwise they will die down.

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