Do Goldfish Sleep Like Us?

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One of the most common types of fish is goldfish. So of course it only is right to ask this question.

Yes, goldfish do sleep however they do not have eyelids and sleep from the bottom of the tank about an inch above the gravel. They do sleep but not like us. Although unusually they can sleep facing up, vertically, or even dipping their nose down as well.

Goldfish will sleep alone but they like the safety in numbers which makes sense due to the predators they would face in the wild. Goldfish often change colors while they sleep to camouflage themselves from potential predators.

It may seem a little odd how goldfish sleep but it is completely normal. You can see them slowly moving back and forth as they sleep. This is how they are able to move their gills to intake oxygen as they sleep.

Do Goldfish Sleep At Night?

Goldfish sleep many times during the day but do also sleep at night. They need a good 8 to 12 hours of sleep within a 24-hour cycle to remain healthy. Of course, they need to sleep uninterrupted so it’s best to keep the noise level to a medium and lights off as much as possible. When they do get a good night’s rest along with their naps then you will find your goldfish in a good active mood.

Although goldfish do need to have a good 12-hour sleep cycle you can influence their sleep schedule as you would like. This is why we will discuss what you can do to influence their sleep cycle.

Do Goldfish Have A Sleep Schedule?

Goldfish do not necessarily have a sleep schedule. Since they cannot blink they prefer to be in darkness. They do sleep during the day when the sunlight is dim but only for quick naps. They do most of their sleeping during nighttime.

Goldfish eyes are adapted to be able to watch many directions from predators. So, be careful not to make fast movements towards them as that can result in making them feel stressed.

Do Goldfish Sleep On Plants?

Goldfish generally sleep suspended from the of their enclosure generally a few inches from the bottom of their tank. However, they do enjoy sleeping by plants as well to help stay hidden. Goldfish enjoy plants in their enclosure and it’s easy to see why. Plants only help produce more oxygen for them and add to the scenery as well.

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