Danios Fish Complete Care Guide – The Lazy Mans Fish

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In this article, we will tell you why the Danios are arguably the best type of aquarium fish! You will also learn the best ways to care for your Danios fish.

Danios Are The Lazy Mans Fish.


Danio Types, Size, Tank Requirements, Lifespan Table

Type Of DanioSize In InchesTank RequirementLifespan
Dwarf Danio2 inches10 Gallon3 years
Rosy Danio1.25 inches20 Gallon4 years
Giant Danio4 inches30 Gallon5+ years
Pearl Danio2 inches20 Gallon5 years
White Cloud Mountain Minnow1.5 inches10 Gallon5+ years
Zebra Danio2 inches10 Gallon5 years
Danio Types, Size, Tank Requirements, Lifespan Table

Where Are Danios From

Danio is originally from many areas of South Asia. The danios have a nickname usually originating from the phrase “of the rice field.” Danios are known for being kept in aquariums and as such are some of the main fish in beginner fish keepers tanks.

The Danios are characterized by their unique patterns of stripes, spots, or vertical bars they can have on their bodies.

Danio Dieting – What Do Danios Eat

Danios Feeding Frenzy

Danios eat a variety of foods making them omnivores. Danios love mixed Proteins of all kinds. Danios’ favorite kinds of proteins are Brine Shrimp, small worms, small insects, Daphnia. Danios will also eat some vegetables very similar to that of lettuce.

Danios are not picky at all so if you wanna feed them dry food they will consume flakes, pellets, and water wafers as well.

Danios are also known to scavenge from time to time but they move very very fast so you wouldn’t see them hang around the bottom of the tank like most bottom feeders.

Danios Breeding (Zebra Danios)

Danios are one of the easiest fish to breed in the entire aquarium hobby. Danios are very hardy fish so you do not need any special water parameters to breed them. Danios can breed and be kept at 72 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The Danios are also generally a neutral-loving ph type of fish so 7.2 would be perfect for them.

Male And Female Danio Differentiation

The main differences between the females and males are that the male Danios are longer and skinnier than the female danios. The Female Danios are plump and have a smaller body.

For many types of fish having a 1 to 1 ratio of male and female isn’t ideal but it doesn’t matter too much with Zebra Danios.

It is not required to have a breeder box but you most certainly can of course. If you are going to not use a breeder box then you should have a bunch of different plants on the bottom like breeder moss since these Danios are egg scatters. An egg scatterer will literally fling their eggs everywhere in every direction so having the moss will increase their survival rate.

If you are going to use a breeder box you will want to wait a good 3 to 4 days for the female to plumping up before moving them into the breeding box. Then turn off the light and wait until morning. You will then see all the eggs on the bottom of the box. You will then want to move the Parent danios back into their original aquarium. After the parents are taken out of the breeding tank, the fry will start to hatch 2 days after.

After 2 days after that, the fry will be free swimming and will need to eat. The baby Danios are so tiny that they cannot fit baby brine shrimp into their mouths. So, they will need even smaller foods. Really fine small flakes are perfect for these little guys. The flakes will eventually cloud up the water and when this happens it’s time to switch to baby brine shrimp.

It’s important to feed your baby Danios a good 3 times a day to get them fat and sassy. Brine shrimp will give them the essential proteins they need to get bigger so they are ideal for them.

It is important to breed these Baby Danios in a small tank because if they are bred in a large tank they would lose sight of their food.

The bad thing about having a small aquarium is that you need to clean it way more often than you do a large aquarium. Keeping the aquarium clean is crucial for these babies otherwise the rise of the PH levels would make them perish.

If you follow these steps then your Baby Danios will live and you will have success.

Do Danios Eat Their Own Eggs

Yes, Danios can and will eat their own eggs and their fry as well which is why it’s a great idea to use a breeding tank for the fry and remove the parents out as soon as the eggs are laid and are fertilized.

Danios Tank Mates

The Best Tank Mates for the Danios are generally small fish roughly the same or close to the size of the danios. You do not just have to have fish though because they will get along with many water snails and shrimp.

Here is a list of some of the best tank mates for Danios. The links for the ones listed below point to articles on this website so you do not have to worry about being directed to other websites.

Danios The Schooling Fish

You will always find Danios with a bunch of other Danios. They are a super awesome schooling fish. Danios are used to schooling in fact that’s what they do in the wild so why would it be any different in your tank. Danios are very fun to watch school.

If you watched the video I posted above on a school of Danios eating a bunch of brine shrimp then you already know how cool it is to watch the school. It is truly a sight to see.


Yes, they are a lazy man’s fish but that doesn’t mean you should neglect them regardless. They are a super hardy fish that generally doesn’t care how many plants are in the tank, decorations, PH, or pretty much anything. That is the main reason why they are the Lazy Mans Fish.

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