Complete Oscar Fish Guide: Environment, Types, Care, Dieting, Price

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In this article, we will cover everything you need to know and will wanna know about the Tiger Oscar Fish. In this Oscar Fish Guide, we will discuss not only their environment, types of Oscar fish, care they need, dieting, price point, but also size, popularity, attitude, personality, tank mates, tank requirements, disease, and whether or not they are beginner fish.

What Is The Oscar Fish

The Oscar Fish is from the fish family of the Cichlids. Cichlid fish are known for their very various size varieties ranging from 1 inch to 3.3ft across. Many Cichlids are often found used for food in local markets which is an interesting take since they are also used as pets.

Oscar fish are very beautiful fish found across tropical South America and are brought to the states through trading, and breeders. Oscar fish are well known to the fish keeping hobby so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they were the first fish you heard of.

Cichlids are among the largest vertebrate families in the world. They are found in many places but mostly reside in Africa and South America. They have yet to discover how many total species there are but it is estimated to be between 2,000 and 3,000 species in total.

Cichlids are less commonly found in blackish water even though they are found in many places. They can tolerate blackwater but they normally aren’t found there. Read the next section to find out what water is ideal for them.

Environment Of The Cichlid Oscar Fish

We talked about where a large number of Cichlids can be found earlier but They feel at home in freshwater similar to that of the freshwater marshes and mangrove swamps.

Oscar Fish prefers warm tropical conditioned water with a PH between 6.0 and 8.0 with a temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Oscar Fish are hardy fish when it comes to their environment. Despite the fact that they are freshwater fish that can withstand brackish water they can withstand even harsher circumstances in the Hypersaline Lakes. Oscar Fish can withstand extreme habitats with temperature ranges between 85 degrees and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Big Do Oscar Fish Get

Oscars generally will get to grow to 10 to 15 inches long. I thought you would enjoy this video of the Big Oscar fish at 15 Inches but that is BIG for Oscar Fish.

Types Of Most Common Oscar Fish Cichlids

  • Tiger Oscars Fish
  • Red Oscar Fish
  • Albino Oscar Fish
  • Blue Oscar Fish
  • Black Oscar Fish
  • Florida Oscar Fish
  • White Oscar Fish
  • Green Oscar Fish
  • Veil Tail Oscar Fish
  • Lemon Oscar Fish
  • Blueberry Oscar Fish
  • Golden Oscar Fish
  • Fire Red Oscar Fish
  • Black And White Oscar Fish

Tiger Oscar Fish

The Tiger Oscar fish is a very popular fish among the various oscar fish species. Their markings resemble tiger markings which is why they are named after tigers. Their markings are usually found on their tails but they can also be on their entire body as well.

The Tiger Oscar fish has a rich black and orange color combination. The dictation resembles that of a lava rock making them a very beautiful display in your aquarium. The Tiger Oscar as well as many other Oscar fish types make perfect centerpieces for your tank.

This particular oscar fish can get to be as big as 11 to 15 inches. It is wise for most oscar tanks to be very large to accommodate for their size.

Red Oscar Fish

Red Oscars are another favorite among oscar fish. They are a beautiful red and black tone. The black can resemble the tiger Oscars color. They can be about the same size as the Oscars but the size 11 inches to 15 inches is a common size for Oscars. Their fins will be black as well just like the tiger oscar as well.

Albino Oscar Fish

Albino Oscar fish is a distinct white color throughout their body with the exception of their markings. These fish sure are beautiful with their designs being different among their same species.

Albinos can sometimes be completely white with no markings. These types of albinos are supposedly more expensive and more highly valued. I personally think it’s hard to distinguish that because of the fish being such a beauty.

Blue Oscar Fish

Many of the other fish are a more diluted version of the oscar fish but still beautiful nonetheless.

The Blue Oscar fish has a very beautiful pattern but theirs is more like channels rather than patterns. They too change from oscar to oscar.

Blue Oscars have a rich blue color to their scales that really make them noticeable to other Blue Oscars in the wild.

Black Oscar Fish

The Black Oscar is as the name dictates black. They are very similar to the Tiger Oscar with a very similar pattern across their belly. Their fins and the rest of their body is a pretty black color with a unique orange color on their eyes as well.

Green Oscar Fish

Green Oscar fish are stunning fish like the tiger even if this picture doesn’t quite capture that. They are green of course but can be found to have beautiful yellow circle patterns with a black center.

White Oscar Fish

These Wite Oscars are a look-alike to the albino oscar. They seem to, unfortunately, lose the same patterns however but that aside they can have a beautiful and subtle light pink to their bodies making them good for most backgrounds.

Lemon Oscar Fish

At first appearance, Lemon Oscar fish can look almost like an albino oscar but they have a yellow pigment that differentiates between fish to fish. You can sometimes see very bright yellow lemon Oscars but it’s all up to the owners whether or not they have a richer color or not.

Veil Tail Oscar Fish

The Veil Tail Oscar fish gets its name due to its almost see-through tail. Their bodies are made up of black, orange, and reddish hue colors that make them so vibrant.

Blueberry Oscar Fish

As the name suggests these Blueberry Oscar Fish have a blueberry color to them. They still can have an orange hint to their bodies due to the light blue color. They are still Painted Fish, however. The blueberry oscar has a distinct orange color in their eyes that goes well with the orange hue on their scales.

Golden Oscar Fish

Golden Oscar fish has a golden yellow appearance as the name suggests. Their fins are a black color very similar to the Tiger Oscar. Golden Oscars are a beautiful centerpiece for any tank owner.

Fire Red Oscar Fish

Red Oscar fish has a beautiful red and white coloration throughout their bodies. Red Oscar fish will have a white face with red rings on their eyes. They will have a white color on their fins as well.

Black and White Oscar Fish

Black and White Oscar Fish are as the name suggests black and white. They will develop markings on their bodies over time which will resemble green oscar fish however their markings will have white instead of orange.

Black and White Oscar fish will be territorial so if they are apart of a community tank they will be aggressive towards other fish. They can be big bullies.

Oscar Fish Cichlids Breeding

The Heart Warming Complete Life Cycle Of The Baby Fry Of Oscar Fish

Oscar fish will quarrel a bit when they meet this is normal to get to know one another. They will settle down once they feel content with the other and may want to mate.

Oscar fish do not need many requirements to have their eggs and fry.

  • Water Temperature needs to be normal for them
  • Well Fed
  • PH needs to be between 6.0 and 8.0
  • Tank Should be 75 to 125 Gallons
  • No Harmful Chemicals

Once The Male and Female have become acquainted they will begin making their nest for the eggs. Once The Male and Female have coitus the eggs will be fertilized. A few days later the eggs will be laid in their nest.

Approximately 3 days later their fry will hatch from their eggs. Both Oscars are very good parents and will not eat their fry, unlike some fish. They will protect them until they are ready to be independent.

4 days later the fry will feast on brine shrimp. The parent Oscars will let their young feed.

5 weeks later the babies will be big enough to eat red worms. They grow so very very fast I’m afraid. All your parents understand this for sure. I feel the same way myself.

10 weeks later the baby fry will be big enough to be in a different tank and mommy and daddy fry will feel stressed lol. I understand this completely at times.

8 to 10 weeks later the baby fry will be a good 10 centimeters. The Oscars grow very very fast. This is when the babies are ready to be sold.

Oscar Fish Aquarium

Oscar fish are pretty much the puppies of the fish-keeping hobby. So, why wouldn’t you want to raise one right? Most people think this and buy them, place them in small tanks, assume they will grow to be the tank capacity then stop growing. They couldn’t be any more further from the truth!

Tank Requirements

If you are planning to have more than 1 oscar fish or just one oscar fish I would recommend for 1 at least a 75-gallon tank but it would be ideal for 1 and more than 1 to have a 125 Gallon Fish Tank.

A Normal Oscar Fish in captivity can get to be a good 11 inches to 15 inches and being as they love to swim around their tank a lot I would have a big tank. Not having a big enough tank can put immense stress on oscar and cause him to get a variety of diseases, and cause him to harm himself by bumping into the sides of the tank/decorative pieces.

What Kind Of Plants Should I have For My Oscar Tank

Oscar Fish Love to look for food in their tank which means plants will be uprooted. So, it’s best to keep decorative fake plants in their tank. Sorry for you planted tank lovers.

What Kind Of Decorations Should I Have For My Oscar Tank

Oscars will tear up decorations so it’s best to keep it to a minimum with the idea in mind that your oscar is your centerpiece. Oscars generally are territorial and this is their tank so they will decide if the decorations will go here or there. Reminds me of some people I personally know.

Oscar Fish Attitude

Oscars are considered mildly aggressive fish. I have heard many Oscar Fish keepers argue over this night and day. One will say that they are aggressive towards my fish. The Other will say that they aren’t aggressive at all and are perfect.

Personally, The Oscar Fish is a gentle giant with a mild attitude. The big Oscar fish are usually bullied by smaller fish so the oscar will eat the smaller fish. Seems fair if they deserved it right?

Oscar Fish Diet

Oscar Fish are carnivores and so they will eat meat, go figure. They enjoy frozen brine shrimp, blood worms, earthworms, small fish ( only from viable sources so that means if you provide them ), food pellets. Pretty much anything that is protein-rich that is small enough to fit in their mouths.

Oscar fish are messy eaters so I would recommend sticking to smaller pieces of food so they can digest their food better but not too small or they will leave it alone.

Oscar Fish Tank Mates

  1. Silver Arowanas
  2. Blood Parrots
  3. Common Pleco
  4. Silver Dollars
  5. Green Terrors
  6. Clown Loaches
  7. Severums
  8. Jack Dempseys
  9. Stingrays
  10. Giant Gourami

Oscar Fish Cichlids Lifespan

Oscar fish are a hardy fish so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the oscar fish can live to be a pretty old fish. The average life span for an Oscar is 10 to 12 years of age however with the right tank requirements, and care needed you can get 15 years out of them.

Oscar Fish Cichlids Diseases

There are 4 main Common Diseases Your Oscar Cichlid Fish Can Get

  1. Hole In The Head (HITH)
  2. Ich
  3. Fin and Tail Rot
  4. Popeye Disease

Hole In The Head (HITH) Found In Oscar Fish

The main cause of this disease is unclear. There are many contributing factors to have your Oscar get these diseases. Improper care, poor water quality, overcrowding, stress, or nutrition imbalances can play a major role in this. There could also be a parasite living in your Oscar. Nasty things the parasites are!

Its best to consult with a Veterinarian for possible treatments.

Ich Disease Found In Oscar Fish

Ich Disease is a very common disease that most fish in freshwater aquariums can get being stressed out. The infected fish will develop white spots and its color would start to fade away.

Fin And Tail Rot

Fin rot can happen to almost any type of fish in the aquarium hobby. The first way to tell is that the fish will have its fins start to change color. Unfortunately, the fish will act sluggish and not wanna do too much. The main cause of this is not having enough frequent water changes.

Popeye Disease

Popeye’s disease is very noticeable. The infected fish will have a very swollen eye and can wreak havoc on your other fish. The affected fish color will fade, and eventually will lead to them dying.

Oscar Fish Cichlids Price Point

Oscar Fish can be purchased for under $10. Yes, the price point is a bit high but they are beautiful fish. I have seen Axolotls go for $20 an Axolotl so a $10 price point isn’t a bad deal. I would recommend really observing them for any sign of diseases because the store-sold fish generally are kept in really crappy conditions in overpopulated tanks which cause them immense stress. That alone can cause them to obtain diseases.

Before Purchasing An Oscar Fish

These fish need a BIG tank! I know we discussed this earlier on but they NEED a BIG tank. 125 Gallon at least. I know they are cute and you wanna buy them at the store but they WILL grow 8 to 10 inches IN YOUR FIRST YEAR!

They are not exactly beginner fish if you cannot keep up with their massive poop, regular aquarium maintenance, and big food supply. It’s mainly because of this reason that they are one of the most abused fish in the Hobby.


Oscar fish are one of the most misunderstood fish in the aquarium keeping Hobby doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. If you follow all this guide you should be well on your way to keeping a real nice, big, happy Oscar Fish.

If you enjoyed this article be sure to share us with your social media friends. I did spend a good 3.5 hours writing this article. It helps other fish keepers better take care of their fish and can possibly get more people interested in the hobby.