Complete Guide To Waterweeds Care

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In this complete guide to waterweeds care you will learn what your waterweeds / Elodea plant needs and how to care for your waterweeds aquatic plant.

What Are Waterweeds

Waterweeds are known as Elodea which is its genus to 6 different species. Waterweeds are invasive aquatic plants that can be found in most ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. Waterweeds is originated from the same family as frogbit.

Waterweeds are used in most aquariums and in laboratories for tests, and demonstrations in classrooms as well. Waterweeds’ purpose is to generally serve as vegetation.

Waterweed is very common in North America but has been introduced to Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Now Waterweed is considered a very big noxious weed due to its crazy overgrowth and invasiveness.

Waterweed is an underwater plant with the exception of its flowers blooming at the surface of the water. In a time in the wild, the plant will have its baby detach from the parent plant and float away.

In the wild Waterweeds love nutrient-rich environments and will grow in a large range of various conditions. The Waterweeds can survive in shallow to deep water in many different sediment types, and they have the ability to still grow even after being uprooted.

Where Can You Find Waterweeds

You can find water weeds in many different places around the world. They can be found in many lakes, streams, ponds, and rivers but they are mainly found in North America more commonly than most places.

They can survive in almost any type of environment with all varieties of light conditions available making them very aggressive invasive plants.

Due to this, it’s actually illegal to sell water weeds in many different states which is crazy but a good course of action to help keep the invasive plant under control.


Waterweeds Care

Waterweeds are very easy to take care of a plant that pretty much takes care of itself as far as growth. The main thing to worry about is its invasive nature so trimming is an absolute must!

How Fast Does Waterweeds Grow

Waterweeds can grow as much as 1.5 Inches A DAY!

On a scale of slow to very fast, these aquatic plants are very fast. If you do not keep up on their maintenance you can have your whole aquarium filled up with these plants wreaking havoc on your other plants and quite possibly killing your other plants off.

How Does Waterweeds Propagate

Waterweed is a stem plant so to propagate them you can just cut a good-sized piece off of your already established plant them you can put it in your aquarium.

You can stop there if you like leaving the Waterweed as a floating plant but if you would like to have your waterweed be a rooted plant you will have to trim your waterweed leaves to a good inch before inserting them into your substrate.

Since the waterweed needs to establish roots you should use root tabs or a metal insert to anchor your plant in the substrate.

How Much Light Does Waterweeds need

Light Settings: Low, Medium, High

The ideal light requirement is high lighting but I have seen waterweeds survive in low light settings so it’s all up to you. If you want explosive growth then you want High Lighting settings but if you want medium or slow growth then use low or medium lighting.

Lighting is only part of what you need but it’s important to all types of plants to get the amount of light and water parameters that they need. High nutrients are a must for these guys as well as the lighting so be sure to have a good steady high amount of nutrients for this aquatic plant.

Does Waterweed Remove Toxins

Yes, waterweed removes nitrates, phosphorus, and other toxic chemicals from your water. Waterweeds are a very good plant for absorbing nutrients and toxins in the water and in the soil as well.

Waterweed will help remove toxic chemicals to help your aquarium fish and other tank mates in your aquarium or aquascape as well.

Is Waterweed A Floating Or A Planted Plant

Waterweed is a floating plant and a planted plant.

Waterweed is a versatile plant which makes it a real pain to eliminate them in the wild. When the plant is in the wild and is subjected to chemicals to try and eliminate them they are very resilient.

Where Can You Use Waterweed

The Versatility of Waterweeds is practically endless so this shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are used in aquariums that we previously talked about and Aquascapes.

Can You Have A Waterweed Aquarium

Yes, you can have an aquarium just using the waterweed plant. Waterweed can be used as a floater and a planted plant so the possibilities are endless with this plant

Waterweed is very beneficial for your fish providing hiding places, a place to rest, a way to capture remnants of food, and they are used to help remove harmful chemicals in your aquarium.

Can You Have A Waterweed Aquascape

Yes, you can have waterweeds in your Aquascapes but they can be unappealing at times so having them in your aquariums is a better deal. But, if you would like to you could use them as somewhat of a carpet but you would have to keep up on the maintenance A LOT.

Where Can You Buy Waterweeds

You can purchase waterweeds online but if you are skeptical about purchasing this plant due to them being illegal to purchase in most states be sure to look up your local state laws.

Otherwise, you can purchase them online at eBay, Amazon, Facebook. Or you can purchase them locally since they grow so fast it wouldn’t be hard to get some from your local fish shop or a family friend.

More Waterweed Questions

If there is more that you would like to know about water weed that we didn’t answer in this article. Enter it in the search bar so we will be notified about your search query so we can in turn make an article to answer your question.

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