Complete Guide To Water Sprite Care

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In this article, we will cover everything you will wanna know to have optimal water sprite care, as well as many answers to questions you may have about your water sprite.

Water Sprite Origins

The Water Sprite doesn’t originate in just one area. The Water Sprite is a pantropical plant that can be found in a variety of water environments such as swampy areas, ponds, stagnant waters, marshes, mangroves, floating vegetation, and they can be on many organic matters.

What Is A Water Sprite

A Water Sprite is an aquatic plant that is usually spunge-like yet thin almost translucent. The Water Sprite has a pale brown color but it can also have a pale green coloration as well.

Water Sprite Is usually found in the wild floating on the surface of the water. In many cultures, the water sprite isn’t seen as just an aquatic plant but rather a vegetable. Water Sprite can be served in many soups and salad recipes.

The Water Sprite goes by many different common names like Indian fern, water fern, water hornfern. Even though the Water Fern has many different name variety what astonishes me is what the term sprite derives from in European mythology. The term sprite means a supernatural entity that is seen as a sort of fairy-like creature.

Here is a picture of a book dictated by A Tale Of Fairyland (1884) which would give you a more general idea of a sprite.

A Tale Of Fairyland (1884)

Water Sprite Care

The Water Sprite is best kept as a floater plant. Water sprite can be used as a substitute for frogbit as frogbit is generally serving as a shading plant for some slow-growing plants that grow slowly and can be over dominated by algae overgrowth.

For the water sprite, there isn’t much to really know to properly care for these aquatic plants as they can be found in widespread areas across the globe. The optimal conditions for temperature are between 67 degrees and 83 degrees Fahrenheit with a P.H. Balance between 5.5 and 8.0. The water hardness would be optimal between 3.0 and 10.0.

Water Sprite does require quite a bit of trimming like many other aquatic plants. The Water sprite will need just as much attention as the java fern.

Water Sprite doesn’t have a super-strong root structure and it can have quite a good amount of buoyancy which is definitely not a bad thing for your fish or for your shrimp.

Water Sprite does have a tendency to be a bit invasive. We have a few things that categorize invasive aquatic species in the aquarium hobby much better so if you would like to read that we will link it below.

Water Sprite doesn’t require a lot of light to be able to grow, co2, or have substrate. Water Sprite is an amazing plant for helping lower ammonia levels, phosphorus levels, debris, and plant matter.

Water Sprite’s only main downside is that they do intake many nutrients which isn’t always a bad thing. It’s a very good thing for combating algae growth.

How Tall Does Water Sprite Grow

Water Sprite can grow very tall in the wild. However, for aquariums, the Water Sprite can grow to be 12 Inches. The aquatic plant Water Sprite is known very highly in the aquarium community and the aquascaping community for its ability to grow very rapidly and cultivate easily.

Due to the Water Sprites’ crazy fast growth, they have been able to expand their population numbers to roughly every continent and at an extremely wide range distribution.

How To Trim Water Sprite

Trimming Water Sprite is a must in this hobby. The good thing is even though they can grow out of control it does take some time to overtake your tank before you have to worry about trimming them.

As your water sprout grows they will propagate very easily so having a couple of plants can really explode the water sprouts.

Knowing how quickly they can spread preludes how the trimming will go when caring for your Water Sprite. As you trim your plants there isn’t anything special about trimming, remove the entire plant.

As you trim your Water Sprite be sure to throw it away that way they won’t be able to grow in neighboring waterways because they can be a bit invasive.

Is Water Sprite Beginner Plant

Yes, in fact when you are first getting interested in the aquarium hobby the water sprite will come up as one of the most common aquarium hobbyist plants.

Having widespread growth, the ability to remove nitrates and phosphorus, massive nutrient absorption, easy to propagate nature, and not having to set hard to manage parameters makes this an ideal plant for beginners.

The Water Sprite Beginner setup is rather simple. The aquatic plant can be set up in almost any tank size even with mini setups however you will have to maintain trimming due to the plant’s fast-growing nature.

How Does Water Sprite Reproduce

Water Sprite will grow a whole new plant on a stem on the parent plant with a real thin stem. As you do water changes, and as your fish move around your baby Water Sprite will float to the top.

If you would like to help the babies float to the top you can cut the stems to speed up the process. Personally, I like how they are low maintenance however my main go-to plant is the java moss.

Can Water Sprite Grow Out Of Water

Yes, however, you would need to have high humidity and keep a close eye on them in a terrarium setting. The ground would have to have a good amount of moisture due to the fact that they are commonly found near swampy areas in the wild.

Can You Plant Water Sprite

Yes, although the Water Sprite is meant to be a floater by nature you can plant them. Being closer to the light source can help them explode in growth. This can be bad for other plants in your tank since they crowd out the light.

Water Sprite is generally planted in aquascape tanks and used in shrimp tanks as well. Water sprite serves as a food source for fish, shrimp, and provides protection for them as well.

Where Can You Buy Water Sprite

You can purchase water sprite from many online vendors such as eBay, Amazon, and even Facebook. The Water Sprite is a very widely grown plant so access to this plant is pretty easy. At times You Do not even need to buy this plant since many people throw it away or burn many of them after they trim their plants.

Water Sprites can sell anywhere between $3 and $8 depending on the vendor and how much they want to charge on shipping. If you do purchase these plants online instead of a local store like Walmart, or Petco then it’s important to note that these plants can have their fragile stems and leaves broken when shipped.

Other Questions You May Have

Here are some more questions you may have or have considered asking that do not have much to do with the care of Water Sprites.

Is Water Sprite Edible

Yes, the Water Sprite is edible in fact in some cultures the plant is used as a vegetable or livestock feed. The Water Sprite can be served in Soup, Salad, Or served steamed like carrots.

What Eats Water Sprite

For starters we do but let’s talk about the aquarium/aquascape/terrarium plant for a minute of course.

Will Fish Eat Water Sprite

Yes, many fish will eat the Water Sprite due to how short the leaves are making it easy to digest. The Fish will normally not eat it though but rather use it for nesting, protection, and a source to actually catch some debris like frozen brine shrimp, or flaked fish food.

Do Snails Eat Water Sprite

Yes, snails do eat Water Sprite.

Most aquarium hobbyists will tell you not to have snails with your Water Sprite due to their known history to consume the plant altogether. The Water Sprite must be really tasty. I think I will personally take them up on the offer.

Do Goldfish Eat Water Sprite

Yes, Goldfish are definitely ones you do not want to put with your Water Sprite. If they are well fed of course they would be okay with them but why take the risk? Personally, I love adding neon tetras to my aquariums.

Do Bettas Eat Water Sprite

No, the betta fish will actually treat the Water Sprite as almost like a playground area. They love the lush flora and green environment so having the Water Sprite with them would be a match made in heaven.

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