Complete Guide To Cryptocoryne Care

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In this article we will discuss everything you need for cryptocoryne care, how big they can get, their natural environment, whether they are beginner-friendly or not for beginners.

What Is Cryptocoryne

Cryptocoryne is an aquatic plant from the Araceae Family. The Cryptocoryne is usually found in many tropical areas generally around Asia, India, and New Guinea.

Cryptocoryne are usually found in lowland forest areas and in small flow waters of streams and rivers. Even though this aquatic plant is referred to as a crypt they are known as water trumpets which is because they resemble a trumpet.

The crypt in Cryptocoryne is derived from the Greek word koryne, meaning club.

Cryptocoryne Care

Cryptocoryne is a low-maintenance plant that can be found in many cold environments as well as tropical environments. Cryptocoryne care isn’t much to worry about since it has the nickname of set it and forget it kind of plant. However here are some things to remember about the Cryptocoryne.

How Much Light Does Cryptocoryne Need

Cryptocoryne will grow on low light, medium light, and high light making this aquatic plant a very versatile plant. Medium-light is ideal for this aquatic plant.

If the Cryptocoryne is red then they will require more light so having a good high light for them will be good.

Generally, most Cryptocoryne is green before being submerged. If they stick up out of the water they will develop a green coloration.

How Fast Does Cryptocoryne Grow

The Cryptocoryne does not grow too fast generally speaking most Cryptocoryne that you purchase from the store will experience melt. When this happens it’s because the plant is changing its leaves from out of water leaves to submerged leaves. This can be a scary process for new aquarium and aquascape enthusiasts but it’s very common.

The store owners will generally purchase Cryptocoryne from Cryptocoryne farmers that grow the plant outside of water. From there the stores will submerge them but because they are purchased right away they cannot establish their roots which is a red flag for the plant.

When you finally get the plant to your home and your tank the Cryptocoryne will melt. This is normal for the crypts so do not worry about this when it happens.

How Big Does Cryptocoryne Get

A Cryptocoryne can get as big as 6 inches with optimum care so this can mean versatility for you. You can use the Cryptocoryne as a carpeting plant, background plant, or a base for your aquascapes.

If you do not like the way your Cryptocoryne looks you can always trim them down to your liking. There are more possibilities and less worry when you allow this plant to become rooted and do not move them around a whole lot.

Does Cryptocoryne Remove Chemicals

Yes, the Cryptocoryne will remove your fish waste, and help remove some chemicals in your soil and water as well.

For better results consider adding more plants rather than just the Cryptocoryne possibly some java moss, or moss balls.

Is Cryptocoryne Invasive

No, due to its slow growth you won’t have to worry about the Cryptocoryne getting out of control. That doesn’t mean it’s a set it and forget it plant but for the most part, having a rich nutrient soil and a medium-light is all you need for them.

Even though they aren’t considered to be invasive plants you shouldn’t flush them down your toilet or release them into nature. For more information on invasive plants read our article about invasive plants.

Read More About Invasive Plants Here

Is Cryptocoryne A Floating Plant Or Rooted

The Cryptocoryne is a rooted plant not used as a floating plant. You can use the Cryptocoryne on either dry land or submerged in your aquarium or aquascape.

Cryptocoryne will grow well when their roots have established but until then you can sometimes kill your plant when the roots haven’t established quite yet if you have too much algae growth or have the nutrients in your soil used up by other aquatic plants prior to planting.

Is Cryptocoryne Beginner Friendly

Yes, Cryptocoryne is a beginner type of plant that is used by both beginners and long-time aquarists alike. Cryptocoryne doesn’t require too much to grow to make it very very beginner-friendly.

Where Can You Use Cryptocoryne

Aquariums, Aquascapes, and even Terrariums are good for Cryptocoryne but you may find it will be very different from being submerged and not being submerged.

Is Cryptocoryne For Aquariums

Yes, Cryptocoryne is good for aquariums. Fish will benefit from having the Cryptocoryne be good to cover protection for fish and fish fry. Sadly the parents of most fish fry will try to consume their fry so having the added protection will help increase the survival rate of your fry.

Cryptocoryne will also benefit shrimp housed in your aquarium providing a way to trap some fish flakes, pellets, brine shrimp remnants, and fish waste as well.

Cryptocoryne is also beautiful to look at apart from the benefits to the shrimp and fish.

Is Cryptocoryne For Aquascapes

Yes, in fact, the Cryptocoryne can be used as a carpet for aquascapes, or background foliage. The choices aren’t endless but the variety is very nice for Aquascapes.

More Cryptocoryne Questions

Is there something else you would like to know that we didn’t cover in this article? Let us know by searching for what you would have had a question about and we will make an article to answer your question. 🙂

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