Complete Guide To Arrowheads Care

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In this arrowheads care guide, you will learn how to properly care for your arrowhead plant. Arrowhead plants are one of the many favorited indoor plants. Despite this you can use arrowhead plants in a setup but you will have to keep reading to find out what kind of setup.

Arrowhead Plant Care

Arrowhead plants are known for many good things and little bad. Having them in your home setup whether that may be a terrarium, living room, or greenhouse is a good idea.

How Do You Take Care Of An Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plants adore being in low to medium indirect light meaning that they enjoy the light that isn’t directly placed on them from the sun but rather bouncing off of objects. These objects can be mirrors, screens, or anything really.

You can also have a see-through curtain and still be placed by the window. This is commonly referred to as diffused light and they really like that.

When picking varieties of arrowheads the more colorful varieties will require more lighting conditions to maintain the bright coloration. This is important to keep in mind when looking for a particular variety you may want.

When you are looking for a good type of soil for your arrowheads try to purchase a type of soil with very good aeration. The arrowheads can be susceptible to root rot.

As you are watering your arrowhead they prefer to have the water at room temperature because if they have water that is too hot or too cold you can shock the plant. They prefer to have very damp soil but if you want to go even better then try to water the plant at its roots if not adding a good amount of water will be good with them.

Arrowheads prefer to have a good temperate environment around 68 degrees Fahrenheit and above. They do not enjoy cold breezes especially in winter and do not like drafts so keep that in mind. The arrowheads have been known to survive in 40-degree humidity.

When Should Arrowheads Be Pruned

Arrowhead plants aren’t the fastest growing plants so it may take a good few months to have to prune them back. It all depends on the plant’s care conditions. If it is receiving phenomenal care then of course it will grow faster than that of an arrowheads plant that isn’t receiving very good care.

Why Is My Arrowhead Plant Turning Brown

Your arrowhead is most likely turning brown from being burned by sunlight or they are turning brown from potential root rot. But if the leaves are also drooping down then they are most likely over watered.

Why Is My Arrowhead Plant Turning Yellow

Your arrowhead plant may be turning brown due to root rot. It’s common to see the plant turning either yellow or brown to indicate this.

Where Do You Cut Arrowheads To Propagate

Arrowheads are stem plant propagators which means when you cut your excess clippings you can place them into some water leaving a good 2 to 3 nodes underwater until they sprout roots.

The roots are very durable and strong so you can plant them directly into soil afterwords.

How Often Should I Water My Arrowhead Plant

Arrowheads need to have moist soil with good aeration for the roots so I would water the arrowhead a good few veils of mist a day making sure your arrowhead plant is healthy. If you see your plant becoming yellow or brown then you may be adding too much water.

Can I Submerge My Arrowhead Plant

No, you cannot submerge the arrowhead plant however that doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate them in your aquarium, and aquascape setups. Read more to learn more about this in detail.

Where Can You Use Arrowhead Plants

Can Arrowhead Plants Be In Aquariums

Yes, the arrowhead plants can be in aquariums. The plant cannot be submerged but you can grow them out of your aquariums using their roots. The arrowheads are generally used as house plants but adding them to your aquarium will help reduce the nitrates in your tank which is a win.

Can Arrowhead Plants Be In Aquascapes

Yes, arrowhead can be used in Aquascapes but only to add more contrast to the top of your aquascape setup. The roots will need to be submerged to derive off of fish waste and fertilizers but they can most certainly work in a setup.

Can Arrowhead Plants Be In Terrariums

Yes, but the terrarium would have to have good damp soil and be able to have a temperate climate which is pretty typical for terrariums.

More Questions About Arrowhead Plants

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How Do I Make My Arrowhead Bushy

You will need to remove any yellow leaves or dying leaves. You can also use some good placeholders generally used for tomato plants to help hold the plant denser together.

To help keep your arrowhead plant bushier be sure to take off tip growth and drooping leaves. This will help the arrowhead plant be much bushier.

Are Arrowhead Plants Toxic To Cats

Yes, they can be deadly to cats, dogs, and even horses. So, to protect your houseplant, and pets you must be sure to keep them away from each other.

Can I Water My Arrowhead With Ice Cubes

No, Arrowhead plants would be shocked by the cold temperature of the water so this wouldn’t be ideal for them.

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