Complete Guide To Amazon Sword Care

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In this guide to amazon sword care, you will learn how to properly care for your amazon sword plant, and learn more interesting facts about amazon sword plants.

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What Is An Amazon Sword

The Amazon Sword is known by many different names. You may have heard the Amazon Sword called Echindorus or burhead. The Amazon Sword is native to the United States. In scientific terms the Amazon Sword in Ancient Greek as rough husk, or leathern bottle.

The appearance of the Amazon Sword can be quite beautiful. The Amazon Sword leaves are usually triangular with dot patterns or line patterns. The Amazon Sword can develop beautiful flowerings that are usually seen in nature which means the plant is actually bisexual.

Where Can You Find Amazon Swords In Nature

You can find Amazon Swords in bogs, marshes, ponds, or lakes. The Amazon Swords prefer a good amount of light and a very nutrient-rich substrate. They do prefer sub-tropical temperatures though they can be hardy enough to withstand many types of temperature conditions as well as many variable water type conditions.

Amazon Sword Care

Amazon Sword plants aren’t very hard to take care of plants so having them in your aquarium, aquascape, or pond would be a good addition.

Amazon Swords are perfect for those aquarists that have a low-tech setup. They are generally root eaters and love long hours of light.

The Amazon Sword can develop a very comprehensive root system so having root tabs or a heavily soil-filled tank will be perfect for them. They will benefit from added fertilizers as well. So definitely add some for them and the other aquatic plants in your tank.

Are Amazon Swords Hardy

Yes, Amazon Sword plants are very hardy plants. If you messed up the lighting for them they would still find a way to survive! That doesn’t mean you should push your luck with them it just should give you a bit more peace of mind when considering purchasing them for your aquarium.

Amazon swords are a very beautiful light green to bright green coloration. They are almost a centerpiece like amazon tetras or oscar fish but they will let you know if they are dying by their color change.

What Is The Lifespan Of The Amazon Sword

You can expect your amazon sword plant to live to be a good 1.5 to 3 years old however with a good dose of fertilizers and good adequate lighting with good water quality you could stretch their life span to 5 years or more.

Of course, this same principle can be applied to aquatic plants, exotic pets, or aquarium fish as well. Generally, anything that is raised very well within your means will live a longer than normal life full of happiness and prosperity.

How Big Do Amazon Swords Get

In the right water conditions, you could see your Amazon Sword reach up to 8 to 20 inches!! Yes, that is very crazy but yes they sure can possibly in the wild with optimal conditions you could possibly see them grow even larger than that.

Although they are slow growers they can really take off when they have their roots well established with plenty of nutrients.

What Kind Of Water Can Amazon Swords Be Kept In

Amazon Swords In Cold Water: Amazon Swords prefer to be in warm water typically tropical waters. If you have your amazon swords exposed to cold water you can expect very reduced growth which is not ideal for the plant but possible all the same.

Amazon Swords In Hard Water: Hard Water is not ideal for amazon swords. Even though that is true they can tolerate conditions where the water has a hardness up to 8 and as low as 2.5 or 3.

Amazon Swords In Brackish Water: Amazon Swords do not like saltwater. So a brackish water environment would not be too suitable for them to thrive in.

Amazon Swords In Soft Water: Yes, Yes, Yes soft water is IDEAL for the Amazon Sword. If that is what you are going for then be sure to put your amazon sword plant in soft waters. Of course, if you would like to see them thrive be sure to meet all conditions we talk about in this article.

How Much Light Does Amazon Swords Need

Medium to High lighting requirements for your amazon sword is a must. They can live in low lighting but they would thrive in medium to high lighting conditions.

The Amazon sword doesn’t require the most advanced setup to keep this plant alive so it is welcomed in new beginner tanks.

Can Amazon Sword Be Planted

Yes, the Amazon Sword can be planted. The Amazon Sword is a root feeder so having your amazon sword planted would help their survival.

Having these guys planted can add some protection for your fish, shrimp, snails, and also be used as a primary and background plant. Having this variation makes them a very wanted and admired plant in the aquarium community, aquascape community, and pond lovers.

Is Amazon Sword A Floater

Yes, Amazon Sword Plants can be used as floater plants. Ideally, they should be planted but all the same, they can survive being floaters.

How Do Amazon Swords Propagate

Amazon Swords take a good long while before they do actually propagate but when they do they will disperse their younglings through runners generally in the gravel or free-floating.

Before you cut off your baby amazon be sure to allow it a good few weeks to allow the young plant to grow fairly large before cutting to allow them a better chance of survival.

If you would like a more detailed way to know exactly where to cut your baby Amazon Sword away from the parent plant. Be sure to watch the above video for more information.

Where Can You Use Amazon Swords

Can Amazon Swords Be Used In Aquariums

Yes, in fact, Amazon Sword plants are one of the most favorited aquatic plants in the aquarium hobby due to its incredible look, the many benefits it provides, and how hardy the aquatic plant is.

Benefits Of Amazon Sword Plants: Yes, the Amazon Sword plant provides a good amount of benefits to your fish, shrimp, and aquarium. Let’s Dive into the benefits more in-depth.

  • Protection is a must for many fish and fish fry. The fish fry will most of the time be in danger of their parents. Having this aquatic plant and more is going to give the fry protection they need and also increase the overall survival rate of the fry as well. The adult fish can also benefit from the foliage as it can catch some debris for snacks, and make your fish less stressed. So, less disease.
  • Nitrates can be a pain. Having your aquatic plants and amazon sword will help reduce the overall nitrates in your aquarium. Your fish will thank you for it.
  • Shrimp will love the added protection and a place to catch some scraps of food and fish poop. Yum! Shrimp will thank you for it and they will feed off of the algae on your plants as well.
  • Your Amazon Sword will provide some resting space for your fish. Having a good place for your fish to group together while they sleep will make them happier, more secure, and less stressed.

Can Amazon Swords Be Used In Aquascapes

Yes, in fact, they provide very good contrast, good background, and good ground cover in aquascape settings. The Amazon Sword will do well with other plants that enjoy soft water, good nutrient-rich soils, and medium to high lighting sources.

Amazon Sword Questions

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Amazon Sword Plant For Turtles

The Amazon Sword plant is a good hiding place for turtles and a good resting spot for turtles as well however they are not something your turtle will be interested in to eat so be wary of that.

Amazon Sword Plant For Goldfish

Amazon Sword is hard to chew up plants in the aquarium which can be good for your goldfish. The Amazon Sword plant will do amazing for cleaning the excess nitrates out of your tank which is why they are favorited for goldfish tanks.

Amazon Sword Plant For Bettas

Amazon Sword Plants are favorited by many betta fish owners. It’s crazy to think but a HUGE amount of betta owners have owned or own an Amazon Sword plant in their betta tank. The Amazon Sword leaves provide a good layer of privacy for the betta, as well as provides a good nitrate suck for them as well.

Although they are a good pair to have together in your tank you shouldn’t keep them both in a nano tank since the Amazon Sword can be very very large.

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