Can Axolotls change gender?

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No, Axolotls cannot change their gender. However, their sex is hard to distinguished when they are very young and still quite hard to determine as they mature but the main differences between males and females is their body length and their belly.

Males have a longer body and tail with a slimmer body.

Females have a bloated body and the reasoning is to store their eggs. When the axolotls are young you cannot tell the difference so this is the reason why most people are confused.

Another reason you can tell your axolotl is a male is by a rather abnormal bulge behind his legs located by his tail.

The good thing with the female is that if she isn’t fertilized she will absorb her eggs.

The best time to wait is at least a year before you can come up with a more reliable conclusion to whether the axolotl is a male or female.

You will know when your axolotl has matured when their toes have developed a blackish brown coloration or a straight black color.

Generally axolotls behave very similiarly with both genders. Males and females are very docile by nature but of course when its time to breed they will abandon their docile ways to continue their species.

But, other than that axolotls aren’t too social so they would pretty much hit it and leave. Like some really crappy fathers and mothers I know.

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