We are a newly founded website publication founded in January of 2020. The Owner Ryan Chilton has been interested in aquariums ever since he took part in his family aquarium. So, technically he has been introduced to the hobby for 20 years but has been participating in the hobby for 12 years.


We know what it’s like to begin the fish-keeping hobby and not know what you are doing. The interesting thing about this hobby is that it is always a new adventure for the beginner and long-time fishkeepers alike.

Life happens and you just develop new mistakes. That’s why we are here to show you the ropes. We do not have our own products to sell but we will create many resources for our viewers in the near future.

Where To Find Us

We can be found on Instagram @_aquarium_me and we can be found on Facebook @aquariumme. We can also be found on Twitter @_aquarium_me We have branched out to the Giphy platform as well.

We host our articles at a few other sites as well. We use Flipboard and we also use medium.

On medium, we will have some exclusive articles only available on medium so if you aren’t following us there you should.

You can also find us at

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Future Plans

We look forward to helping our viewers much more providing better quality information through video based content. We will be located on YouTube as well as a Video Section here on our website.

When the site is more established we would like to give back to our local community helping out local aquariums, beginner keepers, meet and greets, and we would like to help out our local homeless.

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